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System Overview

The D-BUS intelligent control system is a perfect combination of computer technology, network communication technology, control technology, etc. with the management system and intelligent terminal modules to form a bus network-type large scene intelligent control system.

The system adopts a modular distributed structure, which is convenient for users to choose and match.

The system can work independently or networked, and has a data interface, which can be connected with a third-party management system to realize resource sharing.

Through intelligent control system and comprehensive scientific management solutions, energy consumption can be saved up to 30%.

Scope of application

D-BUS intelligent lighting control system is widely used in hotels, office buildings, subways, airports, parking lots, municipal landscape lighting, stadiums, theaters, schools, squares, clubs, multi-function halls, conference rooms, brand stores and other places. Through dimming, area control, scene setting, time control, automatic sensing, centralized control and other management methods, we can create a comfortable, pleasant and interesting lighting environment for customers, and at the same time contribute to the energy saving and environmental protection of the building system.

D-BUS Intelligent Control System

System product features

● Modular structure, simple networking and convenient expansion.

● 2DIN35mm standard guide gauge installation, strong versatility, simple and convenient.

● The module adopts aluminum alloy shell, sandblasting technology, high-grade, good heat dissipation, fire prevention and rust prevention.

● The thickness of the steel plate of the dimmer cabinet shell is 1.5mm, with high mechanical strength, no deformation, soft paint, abrasion resistance and not easy to scratch, and beautiful appearance.

● The main components of the equipment are selected from the US "ATMEL", Taiwan "STC" and NXP products. Low power consumption, fast speed, MCU built-in watchdog, never crash, to ensure stable and reliable system operation.

● 5-level power filtering, multi-level automatic protection, suppression of surge interference, and normal operation in harsh environments.

● Use ultra-high power terminal switch devices (50-60A), ultra-large volume heat exchanger, strong load capacity, stable and reliable.

● Intelligent mechanical switch: using ordinary switches, it can replace smart switch panels after being connected to the system, set lighting scenes, and control electrical equipment.

● Soft start to control the load, prolong the service life of the lamp and protect the control equipment.

● Zero-power-consumption control switch, energy saving is obvious.

● Adopting leading hybrid dimming technology, LED lights and ordinary halogen lamps can be steplessly dimmed without flicker.

● A variety of control modes can be set online, without the need for professionals to be present, which is simple and convenient.

● Three-pole bypass switch, the terminal switching device can still turn on/off control the load after the short circuit burns to death.

● Four-level operation mode, computer interface operation, intelligent panel control, bypass switch control, emergency forced switch, when the control system or module is abnormal, the manual function is enabled. It can still ensure the normal operation of lighting scene control.

● The module has a built-in switching power supply, no additional power supply is required, suitable for a wide voltage range (127-277V 50Hz), high efficiency and energy saving, completely preventing one power supply from damaging the entire system and paralyzing, and it can still work stably even when the grid voltage changes greatly.

● Memory function: After the intelligent control module is powered off, the previous working state can be memorized when it is powered on again (can be set according to requirements). When the module is replaced, the ID can be dialed back to the original address code to run, and the system automatically memorizes the original module configuration information .

● During the maintenance period, use the bypass switch directly instead, which will not affect the normal lighting.

● Strong communication ability, built-in photoelectric isolation, anti-electromagnetic interference, communication distance of 1.2 kilometers.

● The system can be upgraded at any time without changing the hardware equipment.

● The management system adopts a standard Windows graphical interface, which is suitable for the operation habits of the general public. The interface is stylish, simple and smooth, with multiple windows, and easy and convenient for training and operation.

The main function:

Smart lighting, air conditioning control, smart curtains, curtain control

Intelligent timing, delay control, centralized monitoring, remote control

Intelligent infrared, microwave, illuminance, ultrasonic sensor control

Intelligent electrical equipment control, etc.

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