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D-HOME Smart Digital Home refers to "Smart Digital Home", which is an intelligent control management system for lights, curtains, air conditioners, household appliances, etc., designed and developed by Dajing Company for the family. It integrates "5S" functions (Smart, Saving Energy, Speedy, Snug, and Style). The system solves the 5 major needs of residents for intelligence, energy saving, convenience, comfort, and fashion, and fully conforms to modern green fashion The development trend of smart home. Faced with the ever-increasing demands of modern life quality, the new GreenInitiative Smart Living concept brought by D-HOME smart digital home advocates a balance between fashionable and comfortable life and sustainable and environmentally friendly life, allowing users to experience the world’s most fashionable The modern lifestyle perfectly shows the elite's appreciation of high-quality life!






Intelligent lighting control
●DIY with all light sources, preset a variety of life scenes
●One-key control, interface management of various lights
●Adjust the brightness according to scientific standards, ensure eye health, and achieve environmental protection and energy saving
Intelligent timing control
●The loop can be turned on and off regularly every day, and the time can be set arbitrarily. The
switching time can be cycled by day or week, and the shortest control time is 1 minute
Intelligent curtain control
●One-button switch, easy control
●Scene linkage, do whatever you want
Intelligent sensor control
●Trigger scene, dimming, timing and other functions
through the sensor ●Sensor can control dimming and switching through infrared, brightness, microwave, etc.
●At the same time, it has relay output and can directly control the switch of the loop
Smart home appliance control
●Organic interconnection of home appliances to realize centralized wireless remote control of home appliances
●Time switch control and remote control
Intelligent multiple control
● Multiple control methods. Such as: mobile phones, computers, panels, etc.
● Through settings, all loads in the home can be controlled
Intelligent security function
●Security password
can be set according to the owner's needs ●Intelligent linkage with other security systems can be realized
Intelligent expansion function
●Seamless connection with building security system
Seamless connection with house temperature control system
●Seamless connection with three networks
●Remote control expansion





★Smart products that can be DIY

Adhering to the concept of "Technology Serves the Public", the smart home products carefully designed by Dajing Company can be set freely by users according to their own home lighting, curtains, household appliances and other control needs and hobbies. Large-size TFT true color touch screen, The concise and easy-to-understand man-machine dialogue interface makes the setting very simple.

★Easy installation and debugging

D-HOME products adopt the design concept of independent removable control board, which can be replaced with different control boards according to the needs.

★Faultless safety design

Dajing's unique "multi-host backup" patented technology makes the system run more stable; the system adopts the principle of weak current control and strong current, making it safer to use; the bypass switch design makes your home never dark when it needs light.

★Control is very convenient

Smart touch terminals, remote controllers, smart PDA controllers, multi-function sensors and other methods allow you to control whatever you want, preset a variety of life scenes, and truly achieve "scenes at the touch of a button". When "smart" meets "home", your smart
life begins!

★Environmental protection and energy saving

The application of multiple patents such as slow-opening and slow-extinguishing soft start technology, illuminance detection technology, human motion and static sensing technology, etc., greatly extends the life of light sources and electrical appliances, while saving energy, protecting eye health, and creating a comfortable and low-carbon life.

★Wide control range

By changing different control boards, it can control light sources, air conditioners, curtains, sockets and various household appliances; organically interconnect household appliances to realize centralized control, timing switch control and remote control of household appliances.

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