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Introduction of Intelligent Control System for Toilets

Modern hotel guest room bathroom lighting design is rich and luxurious, and there are many control loops. After the guests turn on the lights, they have nothing to do with the lighting habits. It often appears that the lights are fully turned on, the fans are rotating, the power is consumed day and night, the light source is burned, the fan is broken, and the hotel manager But helpless. Don't worry, don't panic, Dajing Smart will help you, guarantee the service and save electricity, simple and practical, the most convenient.

The toilet control system is composed of an intelligent controller, infrared sensor, and a mechanical reset switch. When infrared detection of someone enters the toilet, the system automatically turns on a lighting lamp, and the exhaust fan synchronizes to adjust the air. When no one is detected, the system delays the specified time. Turn off all the lights and fans in the bathroom to completely enter the energy-saving state. Guests can also control the light fan through the wall switch at the door.

System features: Intelligent automatic turn-on of lights and delay of turn-off of lights, saving energy, prolonging the service life of lamps, and reducing business operating costs.

Application: Suitable for intelligent lighting control in hotel guest rooms, toilets, public toilets, etc.

(Note: WCKG0402L controller has the function of automatic control of corridor lights. For details, please refer to the introduction of "Toilet Intelligent Controller")

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